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The infrastructure market will become highly important in Germany in the coming years due to global megatrends such as climate change, digitalisation and the accompanying transformation of entire markets. Drivers include the promotion of climate-friendly mobility, the development of renewable energies and the expansion of the fibre-optic infrastructure.

KPMG accompanies clients at all stages along the life cycle of the infrastructure:

From the development of a modern infrastructure strategy, the procurement and financing of initial investments, and value-maximising operations to the disposal of infrastructure assets.

Our goal is to treat infrastructure holistically as a business-related unit that needs to be developed over the long term in alignment with regulatory, financial and contractual considerations. In doing so, we draw on international experience in both the public and private infrastructure sectors as well as in advising institutional investors.

Below you will find an overview of our services as well as industry focal points across the entire infrastructure life cycle:

Our expertise