We use the latest technology to support our clients. We tailor modern software to your needs. In this way, you can keep track of your transaction at all times.
Our goal throughout our collaboration is to continually maximise the transactional value. That’s why we combine data, analytics and technology with deep industry knowledge and strong business intelligence. We think like an investor and ask the right questions.

As your advisor, we help you:

  • identify and analyse data relevant to a transaction;
  • identify business areas that require further analysis,
  • develop detailed assessments of your acquisition objectives, potential joint venture partners or investors; and
  • increase overall visibility into your projects to control processes more efficiently.

Benchmarking Plus

Benefit from KPMG’s extensive Benchmarking Plus database. We prepare comparative data from our cross-industry database and work with you to determine the next steps required for your project.

KPMG TrAction

Manage your project with KPMG TrAction. Our KPMG cloud-based project implementation tool lets you coordinate various players across multiple locations, multiple countries, and across organisations.

The relevant information is structured, aggregated and evaluated in the tool. The logical structure, graphical user aids and automatic reports focus your work and help you quickly identify critical points.

In this way, you are kept up to date at all times and can respond immediately if needed. Read more