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In the last few years, manufacturers and component suppliers to the automotive industry have been preparing for the gradual transformation foreshadowed by technology trends such as electrification, self-driving vehicles and connectivity. Factors such as a shift in environmental awareness and new competition from the tech sector who are rethinking mobility have been accelerating this change process.

Our clients benefit from our multi-disciplinary methodology that combines professional expertise (from the three areas of audit, tax and consultancy) with the knowledge of our sector specialists. This means that we can offer customised consultancy services adapted to the unique business situation in each case. Through our automotive sector team, we can call upon more than 4,000 sector experts globally, including 800 in Germany alone, to deliver solutions for all the links in the value creation chain.

Our services

We offer you support for the following topics and issues:

  • selection of an international location while considering expansion and relocation
  • support in seeking entry to the German market and worldwide
  • purchase and sale of companies
  • questions about preparation of accounts, financing, investments and tax, on both the national and the international stage
  • transfer pricing documentation, benchmarking analyses
  • (corporate) reorganisation and cost management
  • introduction of efficient processes or process streamlining
  • management and financial control of research and development
  • support for the definition and implementation of efficient and effective value-creation chains [VCT]
  • development of security models for the full IT life cycle and assistance with the IT security structure
  • assistance with data & analytics, intelligent automation, artificial intelligence and other data-driven technologies.
  • audit of sustainability data and reports
  • climate reporting and carbon footprints
  • audit of management systems for environment, energy, health and safety at work, and quality
  • global mobility services (e.g. international staff deployment)
  • indirect tax services (e.g. VAT, customs duty)

… and much more besides.