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In advance of or during a separation/integration, problems often arise around the topic of HR: Diverse company cultures come together; employees are unsettled; and key leaders or experts threaten to leave the business entity. HR is often overlooked, especially at the start of a transaction process. In such cases, we support our clients in identifying HR-related risks and synergies and in handling the transfer of personnel efficiently and in a timely and targeted manner in accordance with labour regulations. Often the role of the HR department is also affected, which must map out new processes and structures and adapt itself to the new circumstances.

We, the People & Change Team, work as specialists integrated into a transaction or transformation team, enabling our clients to achieve their goals and avoid showstoppers on the personnel side of things. The following questions may be important:

Governance and structure

  • How can a consistent organisational structure be developed that contributes to reaching company goals?


  • How can employees be continuously motivated and kept close to the business entity?
  • What career paths and reward systems are available?
  • How can cultural change be sustainably secured?
  • How do I transfer employees to new companies in compliance with specific labour and regional regulations?


  • How can the target’s HR department be successfully integrated into the existing HR structure?
  • What does the HR department need to do after an integration/separation to ensure the business runs smoothly?
  • How can the HR department create more value for the business entity over the long term?

Systems and technology

  • How can IT systems support the HR department in its service role?
  • How do I transfer HR data and processes into a new HR IT system?


  • How can employees be transparently and consistently informed about changes and how such changes will be implemented?
  • Which stakeholders do I need to engage with, and how do I ensure their support?


  • What organisational structures do I need to promote innovation within the business entity?
  • How can I work more agilely and digitally?
  • How do I attract and engage digital talent?

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