Every transaction and transformation decision requires a comprehensive view of your business entity, industry, and the global market environment. That’s why we’re bringing the right experts to the table that will add the most value to your business by sharing their process, discipline and sector experience. This will let you find the right answers to a range of diverse, specific questions. They keep track of the relevant strategic and operational levers, keeping the process moving in the right direction, and therefore achieving sustainable, value-added successes. Trust your team of functional and technical experts.

We have a team of experts with extensive know-how and experience in all transaction- and transformation-relevant topics and situations to help you develop feasible, sustainable and practical solutions.

We have combined our specialisations in the following teams:

Due Diligence: Visibility into the opportunities and risks of a transaction is the basis for future value increases. Our due diligence contact: Christoph Kaiser

M&A: Purchases and sales open up opportunities for the future, and they are also among the most important business decisions you will ever make. Our M&A contact person: Alexander Bischoff

Debt Advisory: Independent transparency and tailored strategies lead to successful long-term financing solutions. Our Debt Advisory contact: Till Karrer

Equity Capital Markets: A sustainable equity capitalisation and structure is an important foundation for sustainable growth for business entities. Our ECM contact: Ralf Pfennig

Strategy: In-depth strategic analyses and actionable measures lead to a sustainable business model. Our Strategy contact: Dr Tobias Naujoks

Valuations: Tailored solutions for all valuations, combined with comprehensive product knowledge and detailed industry knowledge. Our Valuation contact: Olaf Thein

Financial Restructuring: Independent expertise creates trust as the foundation for successful financial restructuring. Our Restructuring contact: Florian Rieser

Turnaround: With the right idea, countermeasures can be taken quickly and purposefully in an emerging crisis. Our Turnaround contact: Florian Rieser

Insolvency: We help you assess the situation, choose an appropriate procedure and develop an actionable insolvency plan. Our Insolvency contact: Florian Rieser

Thanks to our global network, we are able to quickly provide you with a qualified team with the right local experience and expertise for your transaction or transformation. Here you can find our global deal advisory contacts.