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The energy industry is undergoing serious changes. Flexible adjustments to market models, accurate forecasts and highly efficient processes are becoming important competitive factors.  The introduction of direct marketing of renewable energies has made it more difficult for energy companies to calculate the quantities of energy available on the market.

In order to keep the actual demand for balancing energy as low as possible, energy companies are increasingly relying on systems for processing real-time data that enable more accurate forecasts. Tailored precisely to their requirements, they help to significantly improve forecast accuracy through data analysis, for example. With the EPA digitalisation solution, we support you in realising your growth potential.

The widespread use of smart meters will mean that customer consumption data and supplementary information will be available in real time in the future. The real-time analysis of this data thus opens up a new dimension of possibilities. However, our digitalisation approaches do not only support the creation of more accurate consumption forecasts. Efficient tools enable well-founded adjustments in the intra-day business on the basis of real-time data analyses and thus contribute to minimising the need for balancing energy.

Our range of services at a glance

  • Analysis and benchmark of existing day-ahead and intraday forecasts
  • Optimisation of existing forecasting systems
  • Exploratory data analysis: portfolio optimisation and customer-specific evaluation
  • Process and organisational consulting
  • Professional and technical support during implementation
  • Integration of our EPA toolset (energy industry process analyses) into existing or newly established data-oriented structures - from organisation to implementation
  • Staff training (technological and technical)
  • Data analytics as a service
  • Outsourcing - if desired, also taking over professional and technical services 
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