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The road to the destination is often long and rocky. This also applies to transactions. It is all the more important to plan and manage transactions efficiently, whether you want to buy or sell. Your business strategy is the foundation for a successful transaction: it determines the relevant target regions, customer groups and brands and any potential acquisition candidates. Similarly, it determines the right buyers if you want to sell a business entity or its parts. Only by asking the right questions early on will you be able to see the relevant value drivers and get the best for your business entity, create value and minimise risk. This principle applies throughout the process: from transaction preparation, process management, assessment and negotiation leadership to the successful completion of the process. Along the way, there are many legal, tax, financial and procedural pitfalls, among others, which can be avoided in good time with good planning.

We assist you in preparing for the transaction: from the strategy discussion and the targeted analysis of relevant markets to the specific M&A strategy.

As your purchasing advisor, we work with you to develop the right takeover strategy and targeting tactics and approach potential target companies. Throughout the process and negotiations, we keep track of all relevant and critical factors for you. We are constantly looking at maximising value and successfully closing negotiations.

As your sales consultant, we identify potential strategic and financial investors based on our experience and our worldwide network. By efficiently preparing the marketing materials, such as a teaser and information memorandum, you are well prepared for the next steps in the process.

As both a purchasing and sales advisor, we think through the transactions from the endpoint. Our holistic approach allows us to identify quick and consistent opportunities and risks, whether in the analysis of the transaction object, the structuring of the transaction, the management of the prospects, the assessment or negotiation support. We provide you with all the services you need from a single source for proven results. You’ll always know all the opportunities and risks, and you’ll be able to maximise your value.

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