Many business entities need to simplify their operating models, structurally reduce costs and at the same time invest in new markets and services. Partner ecosystems reduce complexity and cut costs – through outsourcing, cloud usage and increasingly through partnerships with xTecs. The focus of ecosystems is shifting from pure efficiency programmes to architectures for digitalisation.

Our ecosystem and sourcing advisors have been among the “World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors” for ten years, according to the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. In 2016, the European Sourcing Association named us Best European Advisor.

In light of this, our advisors take into account not only business management factors but also the complex legal, regulatory, tax and organisational factors when it comes to:

  • redesigning digital ecosystems and further developing existing sourcing strategies;
  • designing stringent business cases for cloud, sourcing and partnerships;
  • assessing which services can be optimally provided onshore, nearshore and offshore. We also check for the sensible use of robotic process automation;
  • identifying partners with the right mix of agility, cost, culture, and qualifications;
  • negotiating better agreements with these partners faster;
  • prolonging or sharing existing arrangements, or transferring them back into the company through insourcing;
  • developing functionally sensible and, from a regulatory standpoint, secure “service integration and management” concepts for increasingly complex ecosystems and sourcing partnerships.

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