Gernot Gutjahr

Partner, Consulting, Head of CIO Advisory

KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

I lead KPMG AG’s CIO Advisory; we are a Practice of six Partners, more than 100 Advisors, a top IT Strategy Consultancy, a ‘Vanguard Leader’ (acc. to ALM Intelligence).

I also lead our Sourcing Advisors; we are the world’s largest, most comprehensive Advisor on Efficiency, Cloud and Sourcing, one of the World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors for 10 yr’s in a row (acc. to the Intl Association of Outsourcing Professionals).

I have broad and deep experience in strategy development and structuring of partnerships, from a strategic, commercial and legal point of view, and spanning strategic partnerships (e.g. standard and non-standard JVs), transactional buyer-supplier type relationships (e.g. outsourcing) and everything in between. Plus I have been directly involved in 50 partnering initiatives ranging from €1 million to €2.5 billion. 

Prior to joining KPMG I worked for Accenture in the UK and Germany, advising and managing large scale outsourcing and offshoring projects. 

At KPMG, I do lead Cloud, Digital, IT and Performance Improvement projects amongst others for

  • Two of the top Swiss insurers, three of top German insurers and two of the top Austrian insurers 
  • Three top German banks, plus a Europe-based central bank
  • Several Germany-based, Manufacturing ‘Hidden Champions’
  • Private Equity and Private Equity Portfolio Companies
  • All four of the Big-4 German utilities
  • Several top global asset managers


During my time at KPMG, KPMG did acquire and integrate EquaTerra; was selected one of the World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors for 10 years in a row by the Intl. Association of Outsourcing Professionals; was selected European Advisor of the year by the European Sourcing Association in 2016; and was selected one of the Germany‘s Top-3 Outsourcing Advisory Lünendonk in 2014 (2014 is Lünendonk‘s most current ranking).

  • Family Owned Businesses
  • High Growth Markets
  • IT Management
  • IT integration
  • IT organization
  • IT sourcing
  • International Markets
  • National Markets
  • Technology
  • Technology change
  • Master in Mathematics