We help client develop digital strategies and create new digital fields of play by bringing together the multifaceted capabilities needed to help organizations grow and thrive in the digital age – technological, commercial, regulatory.

The market research institute ALM Intelligence has recognised the work of our digital and strategy consultants and honoured them with third place among IT strategy providers. We support businesses with our IT strategy advice.

Alongside business management factors, we also take into account the complex legal, regulatory, tax and organisational factors when it comes to the following:

  • Redesigning digital strategies and refining existing IT strategies
  • Developing stringent business cases for assessing IT initiatives
  • Developing digital and IT transformation plans
  • Evaluating and selecting architectures and applications
  • Optimising IT's degree of depth together with our sourcing and cloud consultants
  • Managing business-critical IT projects and ensuring quality
  • Conducting better IT due diligence faster

In the process, we use innovative formats such as KPMG's own Ignition Center in Cologne (for Innovation Workshops) or the Data Insight Center in Frankfurt (for Data Analytics topics).