Business entities need to adapt their strategies, products and processes to dynamic markets and competitors. Agile, simple and stable enterprise architectures and the optimised provisioning of business entities with information and technology are therefore at the top of the CTO’s agenda.

KPMG is one of the top three IT strategy vendors, according to ALM Intelligence. We take into account the complex legal, regulatory, tax and organisational factors in addition to business management factors when it comes to:

  • redesigning digital architectures and further developing existing enterprise architectures;
  • evaluating and selecting architectures and applications;
  • creating and validating business-critical technical concepts;
  • simplifying architectural and application portfolios;
  • creating and supporting critical migration concepts;
  • reliably transferring obsolete architectures and applications into run-down and retirement.

We also use agile practices for conceptual matters. The majority of our employees are SCRUM-certified.

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