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The introduction of a tax compliance management system (Tax CMS) is lengthy and cost-intensive? Especially for medium-sized companies, we have a solution that can be implemented quickly and independently. Because a Tax CMS is also an important building block for SMEs to reduce liability risks and avoid possible reputational damage. Since the beginning of 2023, companies have also had the opportunity to obtain relief in the external tax audit in connection with an effective Tax CMS. This makes it clear that the importance of an effective Tax CMS increases with the increasing requirements for tax compliance.

Tax CMS for SMEs

Many SMEs are put off by the supposedly complex introduction. The offer developed with our cooperation partner Impero specifically for SMEs shows that it can also be simpler. 

Standardised templates for all relevant tax risks and the associated risk-reducing measures serve as a basis. The templates developed by KPMG are tailored to Impero's cloud-based tax compliance platform and contain notes and instructions to simplify the introduction and organisation of a Tax CMS. 

Impero's platform allows you to identify risks and define, structure and implement risk mitigating measures and controls in your day-to-day business. The entire workflow of audit routines – from setting up controls to execution – can thus be automated. At the same time, the platform is easy to implement and the user interface can be individually adapted to the needs of the company. 

With KPMG's templates and Impero's platform, all tasks and controls can thus be efficiently managed and processed.  

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Standardised templates for principles, measures and controls at a fixed price.
  • Developed by KPMG tax experts
  • Annual content update by KPMG
  • The user-friendly Impero platform facilitates TCMS implementation

We support you in the introduction of an automated tax compliance management system with which you can minimise your tax risks. Contact us and arrange a consultation. 

Our offer can be adapted to the individual needs of your company. Choose between the Basic and Comfort packages.

Service packages

Basic package

  • For all relevant risks, templates with example scenarios and best practice measures are provided to help carry out the respective control in the best possible way.
  • For generally applicable principles, measures and controls, we provide a detailed preparation and explanation for implementation.
  • You will receive a detailed video tutorial with explanations on how to adapt the standardised templates to your company's needs. 

Comfort package

  • In addition to the services of the Basic Package, the Comfort Package gives you the opportunity to vary the templates individually.
  • You receive specific additions to your templates to adapt them to your company's needs.
  • With "Meeting KPMG" we offer you a joint introductory workshop.