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Strategy through measurable results

The mission of KPMG's strategy advisory team is to create sustainable added value for our clients' business entities. That is why we bring all dimensions of a successful business into harmony with one another. From setting sustainable financial and return targets and assessing the associated business risks to strengthening innovation. As the economic environment and its players are constantly changing, our understanding of the interrelationships between value creation, value preservation and innovative strength must also constantly evolve. Through our multifaceted and close cooperation with decision-makers from around the economic world, we continuously expand our perspective and are therefore able to question conventional thinking and actions and develop sustainable solutions.

Today, once largely independent operating industries and business entities are growing together due to technological developments that are even bringing them into direct competition with one another. This creates new opportunities, as well as risks. When business entities come face to face as direct competitors for the first time under such changing market conditions and when new competitors enter the market, the impact on their business model can be complex and unpredictable. In some cases, such developments lead to an abrupt end to the previously known business model.

This means that for our clients, targeted resource and capital allocation in line with their pre-established financial and return targets is becoming increasingly challenging. As a result, many business entities need to become more agile, productive, and transparent to enable their management teams to improve the company’s controllability at the strategic and operational levels. This, in turn, makes it imperative that the business entity’s “triad” from the financial, business and operational model be optimally coordinated.

Our numerous analyses and vast project experience reinforce our belief that business entities that are courageous, wilful and decisive, and that are willing to face all necessary changes and implement them as quickly as possible, will emerge victorious from this change.

Our strategy advisors support business entities and their decision-makers during times of change and uncertainty to continue to promote sustainable growth for their business in the future. We also help our customers develop unconventional and innovative strategic approaches that put agility, customer focus and operational excellence at the heart of any strategic objectives. However, as a strategy advisor at KPMG, we do not stop at this point, but work with our clients shoulder to shoulder on the implementation of the solutions developed. In doing so, we ensure at every stage of implementation that, from such an impulse to change, the momentum to achieve results is used, value is increased and the risks related to decisions and actions is minimised.

We refer to this approach internally as “Strategy through measurable results”.

KPMG has a network of strategy advisors around the world. They have the necessary experience and expertise to support business entities in every industry in a wide range of functions. We can draw on the company-wide experience of KPMG from countless projects in various subject areas (e.g. strategic transformations, change management, M&A).