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All areas of society are preoccupied with sustainability. It presents the public sector with game-changing responsibilities. The German government has brought forward the goal of achieving climate neutrality for Germany by five years to 2045. This once again significantly increases the pressure on the public administration and associated companies to act. Launching individual sustainability or climate protection projects therefore no longer seems sufficient. Rather, the target vision of the overall organisation of measures must be rethought against the backdrop of the new regulatory framework, and redirected accordingly.

This situation poses great challenges for the public sector, which are also often difficult to manage in terms of personnel.

KPMG can support you in many ways in the current situation. We work with you to develop sustainability strategies for public authorities as well as federal, state and local government holdings. We advise on new technologies such as hydrogen and the circular economy. We introduce climate (risk) management and reporting according to TCFD.

As we all know, sustainability is not limited to climate protection: in this respect, we always take a holistic approach, for example, in our implementation and certification of management systems in the areas of environment, energy and occupational health and safety. We integrate ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) into governance systems and offer you risk management, an internal control system, a compliance management system and internal auditing.

The path to more sustainability must be able to be measured, operationalised and controlled so that the sustainability strategy is successfully implemented. But the path to greater sustainability must also be verifiably explained in the language of EU taxonomy so that investors can base their investment decisions on factual foundations. To this end, we review sustainability reports as well as non-financial reports and perform technical audits (for example, EU ETS and energy audits). We provide our expertise in the areas of sustainable finance, sustainable business model innovation and sustainable supply chain.

We would be happy to accompany you on the path towards greater sustainability and look forward to working with you to competently support the public sector in its function as a role model in relevant social trends.