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The requirements of customers are continuously increasing. They expect an innovative offering that precisely solves their problems. They want answers to their individual questions. Together with our international alliance partners, we can meet these high expectations even better.

To this end, KPMG works  with an international network of leading global software and service providers. Together, we analyze the current needs of our local and international clients in the market and which consulting solutions can support them.

Stronger together

Our common goal is to help our customers gain a sustainable competitive advantage. Our content focus is on solutions for the formative future topics of business: transformation, data & analytics, cyber security, disruptive technologies and compliance. 

We combine KPMG's extensive business, industry and process knowledge with the trained and certified experts of our alliance partners. Our clients benefit from far-reaching solutions - across multiple platforms and technologies.

More experience, deeper understanding

According to a KPMG study, only one-third of companies consider themselves capable of executing complex transformations within their organizations. With the rapid pace of regulatory and technological change, they need comprehensive solutions - from strategic design to technical roll-out.  

KPMG's alliances with leading service and technology providers offers clients the opportunity to achieve this goal and create value across the enterprise.