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Public business entities, which are committed to performing public tasks for the common good, sometimes face significantly different or additional challenges than private sector enterprises.

Business entities in the public sector are not only exposed to ever-increasing competitive pressure, but also have to meet the high demands of efficiency, transparency and sustainability in an increasingly complex political environment because of their social responsibility.

Against this background, KPMG offers a wide range of advisory services for public business entities at municipal, state, federal and international level. We have vast expertise in serving energy and water supply companies, trade fair companies and housing construction companies, as well as local public transport companies, airports, inland ports and seaports, among others.

To provide you with insight into our service portfolio, we present our range of services for two public business entities as examples.

Urban utilities (including energy supply companies)

The increasing liberalisation of the energy market has significantly intensified competition among energy supply companies. Public corporate governance in the sense of efficient and sustainable corporate management has become increasingly important from this point of view.

  • KPMG supports the necessary strategic decisions and their implementation, taking into account the increased compliance requirements.
  • A check of previous procurement measures can help to obtain more efficient structures in the future.
  • We offer the financial or fiscal optimisation of IT-supported mass processes such as (fee) settlements.
  • At the same time, the demands on (integrated) controlling, accounting or IT architecture in general are increasing. We support you competently through the challenges that arise.

Public transport

In public transport, the economic independence of business entities and the simultaneous service obligations to the citizens must be balanced. On the one hand, this necessitates efficient and transparent risk and safety management, and on the other hand, it must be ensured that major procurement transactions for vehicles or rails are carried out as cost-effectively as possible. KPMG offers support in the development and implementation of integrated solutions to minimise the increased business and financial risks while exploiting all cost advantages along the supply chain.