IT and OT: two worlds collide

In today’s world, many business entities require real-time access to the operating data of industrial systems. These were previously treated as isolated and secure, but now they are increasingly being connected to corporate networks and sometimes even integrated onto commercial and off-the-shelf platforms. On the one hand, this approach opens up some advantages, such as smart analyses, predictive maintenance and remote monitoring of operating systems. On the other hand, industrial control systems (ICSs), process control systems and other operational technologies can be detected. Systems are more vulnerable to malware attacks, hacking, employee sabotage and other security risks.

How can you guarantee appropriate access to your control and production data while avoiding cybersecurity incidents that can cause a total breakdown, security threats or process interruptions when the dividing line between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) is becoming increasingly blurred?

KPMG cyber experts understand both the OT and IT domains, which often contain competing requirements. With our years of expertise in operational technology, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of strategy and governance, security transformation, cyber defence and digital response services, we know how to bring cybersecurity to every party – from the systems engineer to the CISO. We understand the complexity of SCADA networks, decentralised control systems and process automation. With this knowledge, we will support you in implementing the distinct requirements for secure operational technology and secure IT and thus protect your operational data.

Your benefits

  • Reduction of costs for security controls
  • More efficient execution of processes in comparison to competitors
  • Prevention of cybersecurity incidents, such as hacking, system failure and process disruptions
  • Industrial cybersecurity as a business enabler
  • Adequate adaptation to business requirements in an increasingly networked environment