Technological transformation (cloud/mobile) and digitalisation (cyber) demand new and modified IT security strategies. Comprehensive technical and organisational solutions are needed that provide optimal, cost-efficient protection against cyber risks and that can be outsourced specifically for operational cyber security measures.

  • Proof of a comprehensive information security management system to satisfy compliance requirements and maintain competitiveness
  • Functional identity and access management
  • Clear understanding of the cyber threats within the company, from top management down to all employees

KPMG develops security models for the entire IT lifecycle, including analysis, planning, design, implementation and monitoring, while also providing services such as SAP R/3 authorisation concepts, firewall concepts and network penetration tests.

Find it - Fix it - Run it!

  • Find it: Detect and respond to cyber-attacks, cultivate an understanding of IT-related threats to the company and the associated risks and vulnerabilities
  • Fix it: Support for the setup of IT security through the deployment of suitably qualified personnel, organisational structures and technologies
  • Run it: Support to maintain security during continuing operations

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