Growing digitalisation and increasing connectivity in the automotive industry create a larger target for cyberattacks. With upcoming legislation, automotive manufacturers are required to incorporate cybersecurity throughout their value chain to maintain their legal capacity and competitiveness as manufacturers and suppliers. The solution provides for mandatory cybersecurity management.

In order to be able to guarantee a smooth networking of vehicles, both the UNECE WP.29 TF-CS/OTA is developing a regulation and the automotive industry an ISO standard (ISO/SAE 21434), which is to curb the increased risk of inadequately protected vehicles. Time is ticking; from 2022 onwards, type approval of vehicles will only be granted with certification of a cybersecurity management system (CSMS). To be able to provide evidence of CSMS in a timely manner, rapid, risk-adjusted and compliant implementation is required.

KPMG supports you with expertise in management systems, compliance and automotive security to implement all requirements with you and adapt them to your corporate strategy with the utmost effectiveness.

Your benefits

  • Future-oriented, risk-adjusted and compliant implementation of legal requirements
  • Timely certification for type approval requirements to be complied with from 2022
  • Implementation plans tailored to your business entity’s individual situation
  • Planning, implementation and monitoring of your cybersecurity management system

Read more in the “Car Security” product sheet.

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