Cryptography is rightly referred to as the Achilles’ heel of information security. Encryption procedures are not only used to protect information from unauthorised access, but also for authentication, non-repudiation and many other applications. In an increasingly digitalised world, these applications are no longer a "nice-to-have", but an imperative component of legal capacity and the preservation of competitiveness.

Encryption concepts and tools should therefore be carefully selected and tailored to the company’s needs to ensure optimal coverage of the business entity’s legally protected digital assets. Due to the ongoing further development of attack methods, so-called crypto agility is also becoming more important. Being agile means being able to adapt to changing conditions in a timely manner. Agile cryptography is characterised by structured asset management and modularity of the encryption methods and concepts used.

Our cryptography experts are happy to advise you at any time and help you build a crypto strategy that suits you.

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