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Today, hundreds to thousands of employees in a business entity access a wide range of data. In a modern business entity, employees identify themselves by means of a user account. In order to control individual access rights and thus secure all company information worthy of protection, transparent and efficient Identity & Access Management (IAM) that is organised in accordance with internal and external guidelines is required. In order to ensure that the respective required authorisations and system access can be assigned to employees in a timely, effective and, above all, secure manner, the IAM not only includes the mere management of identities and authorisations, but also the entirety of the responsibilities, guidelines and processes.

With Smart Cyber and an associated Smart IAM, you can effectively cut costs. Smart Cyber in this case means spending money on IT security where you can get the most impact with the least effort. This includes, among other things, smart sourcing, i.e. the targeted building of internal key know-how and the use of external knowledge for transition technologies. Appropriate standardisation can unify the security landscape and architecture, enabling efficient management and standardised interfaces. In addition, managed services can be used to cut costs, which enables expert knowledge to be used and costs and emerging needs to be scaled (e.g. IAM as a service).

Your benefits:

  • We know and recognise the professional, organisational and technical aspects and bringthem down to a common denominator, as we take a holistic view of IAM
  • Advice concerning all special topics related to IAM, such as IAM in the cloud, geofencing, customer IAM, bring your own identity, privileged access management, adaptive multifactor authentication, federated identity management, and API gateway
  • Support for the effective use of artificial intelligence in the context of IAM
  • Effective cost savings through Smart IAM

Regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI), there are several potential applications for Identity & Access Management, as well as for operational support as decision-making aids through plausibility checks (e.g. as recertification “advisor”). From automated plausibility control of authorisation combinations to anomaly detection with regard to access, AI can be of great help to streamline processes and increase security. Automation and machine learning, with the help of AI, can make IAM processes much more efficient. This effectively reduces costs.

For us, Identity & Access Management is a key topic. We support you in all aspects depending on your needs and offer optimisation approaches in every phase of authorisation management. In doing so, we always keep an eye on all new possibilities and improvements and support the implementation of your Identity & Access Management.

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