Rising costs, economic uncertainty, geopolitical turbulence: The challenges for companies are enormous - and at the same time they are challenged to strengthen their customer loyalty and to convince the market with new innovative products and services.

The competent application of new technologies plays a decisive role here. During the Corona pandemic, many companies have invested more in digitalisation and technological innovations and have recognised and taken advantage of the great opportunities associated with them. Companies are now building on this to further exploit the potential.

At the same time, the advanced state of digital transformation in a large number of companies means that the successful completion of digitisation projects is no longer a special feature of digital pioneers today and thus their advantage in this area is declining.

This is shown in the new KPMG Global Tech Report 2022, for which more than 2,200 executives worldwide were surveyed, including 100 from Germany, as well as in-depth discussions with industry experts.

Digitale Transformation rechnet sich

In the past, it was often heard from companies that it was difficult to derive a benefit from the digital transformation and that digitisation projects should therefore be considered a failure. This has now changed significantly, as the survey shows. According to their own statements, 66 percent of the companies are using the new technologies very or extremely effectively to advance their business strategies - more than ever before in the KPMG Global Tech Report. 

This highest figure in the report's history suggests that effective digital transformation is less of a differentiator than in previous years. At the same time, almost all companies surveyed say that their profitability or business performance has improved as a result of digitalisation.

The cloud has gone mainstream

The introduction of the cloud is also no longer a sign of a digital pioneer, but merely the logical further development of IT. 82 percent of the companies surveyed in Germany say that they are already advanced in the introduction of cloud systems, slightly less than the companies surveyed globally (88 percent). 7 percent of the German survey participants say they have already completed the migration and now want to optimise their systems (globally: 15 percent).

IoT in großem Maßstab am Horizont

According to the chief information security officers surveyed, the Internet of Things (IoT) will most likely receive increased attention in terms of investments next year. At the same time, they see IoT services as a major cyber security risk. 

You can read details on these topics and the biggest challenges of further digitisation in the English-language „KPMG Global Tech Report 2022“.  It also describes seven key strengths of digitally mature organisations.