Business intelligence (BI) describes an organisation’s ability to generate deeper business insights from data and information to make better decisions. To do this, we offer our clients a range of data-driven BI solutions.

Automated Central Cash Audit

More than half of the purchases made in brick-and-mortar retail are still paid for with cash - a gateway for manipulation attempts by employees. We have developed a solution that automatically checks the stored pseudonymised data and uses intelligent algorithms and scenario-based analyses to identify manipulations and significantly and sustainably reduce losses. The tool also helps to identify training needs. Learn more here.


The factors influencing location attractiveness are becoming increasingly complex. It is therefore becoming more and more important to fully understand the individual market environment. With geo-analysis, we offer an innovative solution that incorporates macro- and microeconomic factors, socio-demographic data, infrastructure characteristics as well as competitive and forecast data. This enables the detection of strong and weak regions and the definition of target customer groups. The insights gained support decision-makers, for example, in the structuring of their brick-and-mortar branch portfolio. Learn more here.

Reporting Factory

We can help you overcome complex reporting requirements: The Reporting Factory makes it possible to design the reporting process holistically and efficiently and to provide analyses within a short time. We will guide you at all stages, from conception and development to operation and support of the application. We can help you implement a state-of-the-art reporting solution, set up reporting governance, and create end-user competence. Learn more here.

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