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In crisis situations, quick and professional action is required; the best possible preparation for these scenarios, as well as qualified support in everyday work, is our goal.

Digital networking, climate change, new forms of extremism/terrorism or organised crime are the challenges facing authorities and organisations. This increases the requirements for ensuring the security of people at home and abroad, for securing critical infrastructures and facilities of the Federal Republic of Germany and thus, for example, for protecting against cyberattacks, for protecting large public events and for managing humanitarian and environmental disasters.

At the same time, due to demographic change, the need for skilled workers is increasing. Capacities must be planned precisely, and modern personnel concepts are necessary.

Security and defence authorities are expected to be professional and proactive and act precisely in accordance with the rules. Effective structures, efficient use of resources in the face of increasing demands from citizens and international networking are a basic prerequisite for this.

As an independent advisor with extensive experience in the public sector, especially in the area of security and defence, KPMG can support you with, among other things:

  • the development of holistic security strategies that take into account the various political, legal and business considerations;
  • the development of IT strategies, realignment and reorganisation of IT structures and solutions for IT security requirements
  • the optimisation of administrative structures, the analysis and further development of control mechanisms as well as with the introduction of controlling instruments;
  • organisational development and change processes;
  • strategic personnel development measures;
  • the analysis and audit of purchasing management, procurement processes and the identification of optimisation potential;
  • comprehensive risk and safety management for infrastructure facilities, real estate, plants, and public events as well as in the selection of service providers.