The trends in the HR environment are clearly set. There is hardly a business entity that is not confronted with changing requirements and expectations of its employees. Topics such as self-determination, self-realisation, sustainability, agile working models, meaningfulness and variety are on everyone’s lips. HR organisations are thus increasingly taking on a strategic role by questioning, rethinking and initiating change in corporate processes and cultures. The crucial point is usually the “time” factor. Automating processes is one way to give HR organisations space for value-adding activities. HR Efficiency & Automation helps you free your employees from repetitive tasks, creating more capacity for new, strategic topics. Our portfolio of integrative automation solutions includes the following technologies:

  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Conversational AI/virtual assistant
  • Data analytics
  • Text and language analytics
  • Process mining

Robotic process automation (RPA)

Do you want to free your employees from rule-based repetitive activities?

With the help of RPA, standardised, rule-based and frequently occurring processes can be automated by software robots. These bots work with structured data and typically function autonomously.

An example of application: Automation of master data management

The focus of the automation is on the system-side maintenance or updating of individual SAP infotypes in the context of change requests regarding HR master data, such as a change of address or IBAN.

Conversational AI/virtual assistant

Have you ever wondered how a virtual assistant is changing communication?

A conversational AI/Virtual Assistant (VA) simulates a conversation to provide information or process the user’s input to execute a transaction.

An example of application: Automation of the applicant portal

A potential applicant can get in touch with the virtual assistant on the applicant portal. The virtual assistant asks the candidate questions about their CV. On this basis, job postings are compared with the applicant profile in the background – by means of RPA. The virtual assistant will provide the candidate with the appropriate job openings.



Would you like to automate your workflows based on decision and process modelling?

With a combination of BPMN for process modelling and workflow automation and DMN for decision modelling, recurring, more complex decisions, rule sequences and calculations can be explicitly mapped and automated. Another area of application is the orchestration of systems, bots or employees.

An example of application: Employee development support

Workflow to support career development discussions. Managers and employees are guided through the career development discussion (data collection). Based on this, the DMN components determine a development path for the employee and make recommendations for training or promotion.

Data analytics

Data analytics

Wondering how to add real value from your data?

Through data analytics, large amounts of data can be processed and analysed. The data and key figures relevant in the HR environment can be visualised and monitored easily and efficiently in this way. This also applies to the monitoring of automation solutions.

An example of application: Utilisation dashboard

Data analytics can be used to display live data from the SAP system in a dashboard. If you want to plan the utilisation of employees, information such as sick leave, overtime and current utilisation can be included.

Process mining

Are you becoming increasingly aware that a holistic process overview is not only essential for automation and digitalisation initiatives?

Process mining allows individual processes to be recognised, combined and visualised on the basis of digital IT traces. The processes can then be viewed in real time at any time, and process weaknesses can be easily identified and remedied.

An example of application: Application receipt

Process mining makes it possible to track and trace the status of ongoing application/hiring processes. If delays occur and internal KPIs regarding the maximum duration of the application/hiring process are exceeded, relevant employees are automatically notified.

Text and language analytics

Are you aware of how much language, i.e. choice of words, pronunciation and intonation, says about a person’s character/intention?

Through text/speech analysis, written text or speech is analysed for its effect on a target group. Conversely, the technology is also suitable for analysing personality traits of an applicant during the application process.

An example of application: Job posting optimisation

Job postings are advertisements. Accordingly, it is important that these texts reflect the values of the business entity. By means of text analysis, texts can be evaluated according to certain criteria and adapted to specific target groups.

Text and language analysis

With our forward-looking approach, we support you at every stage from the first ideation workshop to the analysis and strategy development stage and ultimately the implementation of your Efficiency & Automation solutions. This is how we ensure your success in the long term!