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The challenge

The incredible amount of data available to a company in the digital age hides real treasures. The ability to store and collect this data, to quality assure it, to combine it in an automated way and to use the results resulting from these processes for detailed analyses opens up a multitude of new possibilities for value creation for companies. Managers are thus able to make strategic and target-oriented decisions from data. 

Our Solution

The KPMG solution CDO Advisory bundles competencies around the automation of processes and data & analytics. Our solutions help to prepare decision recommendations, take over actions from machines, visualise them and ultimately automate them via workflows. 

Basic components in this context are: Data Governance, Compliance and Master Data Management. In addition, automated data quality checks and ensuring data security for on-premise and cloud systems also play a central role. Intelligent forecasting, AI-powered invoice processing and data & analytics-based customer segmentation are also examples of the further processing of clean data. State-of-the-art visualisations and workflow tools ensure that the results are visible at first glance and that action measures can be initiated and tracked.

The result

We support clients on their way to becoming a data-driven organisation.

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