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Which capital structure is best for my business entity?

What funding sources are available to me?

Who do I have to discuss investment opportunities with and how?

How can I find the best conditions for me?

How do I better communicate with my investors?

As your independent partner, our team of experts in the bond and financing markets will guide you step-by-step through the process of raising capital. Whether it’s financial instruments, borrowing, private placements or an IPO that is best suited for you, we’ll support you from strategic planning and initial assessment to closing the deal.

As your advisor...

  • ... we will assist you in creating a business plan, determining capital requirements and designing a financing plan on this basis.
  • ... we analyse the existing agreements, estimate market demand based on the financial plan, and assess financing opportunities.
  • ... at each stage of borrowing or raising capital, we assess feasibility, challenges and opportunities; introduce appropriate lenders and investors; and resolve key issues regarding investor relations and capital structure.
  • ... we inform you about current market conditions, the willingness of potential investors to invest and the financial needs in other industries and markets. In this way, you have multiple courses of action at any time.
  • ... we effectively engage investors and help identify lender issues and market trends early with investor and/or bondholder analysis.


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