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How can my M&A dispute be resolved in a timely and cost efficient manner?

Who has the experience and expertise to assess the relevant business aspects of the company purchase agreement?

We are experts in the successful handling of M&A disputes. We know how decision-makers avoid typical mistakes – and seize opportunities.

Purchase prices as a dispute – we solve this problem

Company transactions are complex, and the risk to your business is correspondingly high. Because: If a transaction leads to inconsistencies or is not adequately secured, the claims for damages can quickly get into the millions.

In the end, even after careful negotiations, M&A transactions and agreements often give rise to discussions based on different interpretations of the purchase price mechanism and the warranty and guarantee provisions. This is an exceptional challenge for all the parties involved.

Support through the entire purchasing process

Our KPMG experts on the Deal Advisory team guide business entities as consultants or act as neutral arbitrators (independent experts) in M&A disputes. Resolving disputes through a neutral arbitrator is extremely practical and successful when appropriate arbitration clauses are included in company purchase agreements. We already have a lot of experience with transactions as consultants and have successfully settled disputes.

Our cross-functional expertise benefits us. This is because M&A disputes are characterised by interdisciplinary questions. For this reason, auditors with relevant experience in M&A transactions and purchase price disputes act as arbitrators. As a neutral arbitrator (independent expert), we provide clarity on the issues in a dispute, therefore ensuring a transparent and efficient process.

We carefully evaluate the arguments of the parties in the dispute with the help of experts and thus find objective solutions. This also reduces the risk of costly and lengthy litigation later on.

In (inter-)national arbitration proceedings, we support the parties as an expert or expert witness.

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