The automotive industry is undergoing the biggest change in its history

In the last few years, manufacturers and component suppliers to the automotive industry have been preparing for the gradual transformation foreshadowed by technology trends such as electrification, self-driving vehicles and connectivity. Factors such as a shift in environmental awareness and new competition from the tech sector who are rethinking mobility have been accelerating this change process.

In anticipation of the trends and challenges, the product range was revised and the implementation of the digital transformation started. Then came Covid-19. The liquidity requirements of the acute crisis and the significantly weaker outlook for sales figures for years to come are now forcing business entities to take even more radical measures.

Addressing the challenges

Business entities must adapt to the “new normal” with consistent cost optimisation. At the same time, this crisis can and must be understood as a catalyst for a realignment of business models.

1.  For customers, new mobility services and user concepts are emerging that require a holistic view of the customer life cycle, much of which can be managed digitally. In the evolving ecosystem, manufacturers, dealers and suppliers will only be successful if drivers or customers become even more of a focus.

2.  Only with a targeted collection and linking of data will one achieve this customer centricity. At the same time, the data must meet the highest data security requirements during transfer and processing. With this, and also due to the ever-increasing level of automation, the vehicle is becoming the focus of cybersecurity efforts.

3. Increasing geopolitical uncertainty and new regulatory requirements for transparency and sustainability in the supply chain require a revision of the supply chain strategy and the operating model beyond pure capacity optimisation.

Our solutions for the transformations of OEMs, suppliers and dealers

KPMG has been a close partner of the automotive industry for decades. Our experienced teams of consultants are familiar with the processes of manufacturers, suppliers and the trade. Through our automotive sector team, we can call upon more than 4,000 sector experts globally, including 800 in Germany alone, to deliver solutions for all the links in the value creation chain.

We not only develop customised solutions, but we also implement the solutions reliably and together with our customers – all from a single source. Our knowledge of current and future topics and trends enables us to support our clients in their transformation.

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