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Trust as a competitive factor

Secure and reliable handling of customer data is of crucial importance, especially in the insurance industry. It is a competitive factor in the struggle for customer trust. However, data scandals and technologies such as big data and telematics are increasingly making consumers feel unsettled. A bundle of IT compliance, information security and data protection measures can protect customer data in a targeted manner and strengthen compliance efforts, and is also effective in terms of advertising.

Addressing digital customer trust holistically

It is not only the recurring data scandals of recent months that have focused the public's attention on the security and reliability of IT systems and data processing. Even politicians are publicly calling on digital service providers to take action.

But what can be done? Often, measures are taken hectically and in isolation, without putting the customer at the centre. A customer-centric approach across divisions, departments and processes is promising. In particular, the important functions of IT compliance, information security and data protection should work closely together with central management to implement effective measures to strengthen digital customer trust.