With more than €645 billion, the real estate industry contributed 20 percent to the total gross value added in 2021, making it one of the largest economic sectors and most dynamic growth areas in Germany. With its high employment rate and distinct value creation, it plays a key role in the economy and is also aware of its responsibility for climate protection and the reduction of CO2 emissions. As a partner, we are happy to competently support the numerous market participants in the real estate industry with our advisory services.

Many actors are involved in the life cycle of a property, which is mainly due to the great diversity of the tasks and requirements associated with it as well as the long useful life of the property. The high complexity and rapid growth of the real estate industry lead to further challenges that need to be successfully mastered. This requires vast expertise and a high level of professionalism. In view of the numerous tasks and responsibilities that real estate entails, as well as the growth opportunities that arise from the real estate industry, it is important to rely on dependable and competent advisors.

We at KPMG see ourselves as a partner to the real estate industry and, together with our clients, develop forward-looking approaches for long-term and sustainable growth in the real estate market. Our advisory fields for the players in the real estate industry include asset & fund management, consulting for institutional investors, stockholders and project developers, and much more. Thanks to our numerous, broad-based teams of experts, we are also in a position to advise corporates and the public sector on all aspects of real estate holdings.

Market Participants

Asset & Fund Managers

Asset & fund managers act at the pulse of the market to achieve the highest possible return on real estate investments for private and institutional investors. The long-term investment strategy of these actors therefore reflects investor needs against the background of current and future market developments. In addition, strict regulatory requirements of supervisory and tax law, such as the risk diversification of investments, must be taken into account in investment decisions for real estate funds.

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Institutional Investors

Institutional investors are of great importance for the real estate market due to their high volume of capital investments, and they have the opportunity to invest in a wide variety of asset classes. A goal-oriented advisory service can create a structured and sustainable investment strategy.

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Portfolio holders

Property managers and administrators face a number of challenges in today’s world. Sustainable management and innovative leasing concepts have a positive impact on the future of your property portfolio.

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Project developers

Project developers are often at the start of a property’s lifecycle. In addition to new construction, the reorganisation and revitalisation of the real estate portfolio also plays a major role. Professional advice is beneficial in both cases.

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For many business entities, real estate remains a cost factor. We advise you in making your real estate portfolio and your real estate department more efficient. We also show how real estate can make a positive value contribution to corporate success.

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Public sector

We are optimising the real estate management of the public sector, the largest real estate property in the Federal Republic of Germany. This real estate portfolio brings to light unexpected optimisation potentials that have a positive effect on the administrative budget.

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