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KPMG has many years of global experience in responding to, investigating and resolving cyber incidents in companies across all industries.We work with most major insurers on a trusting, non-exclusive basis. Insurers value our dialogue in the design and further development of cyber insurance policies. Our expertise also supports insurers in the overall risk dialogue with clients in the context of contract initiation as part of underwriting.

We have translated our knowledge and experience into a methodology for assessing the maturity, risk disposition and responsiveness of companies to cyber incidents - the Cyber Maturity Assessment "KPMG CyberSAFE": 

  • We assess the practicality of cyber insurance.
  • We prepare underwriters specifically for risk dialogues.
  • We minimise the effort of a risk assessment of potential policyholders.
  • Our professional support in responding to emergencies complements the performance of cyber insurance and reduces costs.


We are there for you around the clock: 

KPMG Forensic Emergency Hotline: 0800 SOS KPMG (0800 767 5764).

E-mail: de-sos@kpmg.com

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