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Many organizations struggle to meet the expectations of their employees. HR departments are often overloaded with service requests and limited in their ability to perform other tasks. Employees, on the other hand, have to wait for answers to simple service requests, limiting their working time.

An HR transformation that optimizes the entire employee cycle and delivers a consistent employee experience can address these weaknesses. This will enable HR to deliver compelling employee-centric services from the perspective of both HR leaders and employees.

KPMG and Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) work together to combine their respective expertise to help you profitably align your HR organization.

Technology and consulting: combined to your advantage

UKG's intuitive HR technologies - in particular the HR Service Delivery (HRSD) platform - provide the basis for this. The globally usable cloud platform offers comprehensive employee self-service for all HR topics as well as analysis, automation and optimization of HR processes and documents. This opens up extensive scope for design.

Added to this is the proven expertise of KPMG. In close cooperation, we determine the maturity level of your employee cycle and develop a modern work concept for you. The parallel communication and change management as well as the accompanying empowerment of your employees ultimately ensures the sustainable HR transformation.

With this combination of proven technology and consulting expertise, we can help you develop employee-centric HR programs and effective operations to meet the challenges of tomorrow's work environment.

Our service offering

With our joint service offering, we provide consulting in the following subject areas:

  • HR Transformation
  • HR Compliance
  • New Work
  • People@ESG
  • Employee Experience

For you as our customers, this results in many advantages. You can save administrative and compliance costs, improve the employee experience and - as a result - increase productivity and the sense of belonging among employees. 

The HRSD platform can be easily integrated with existing system structures. This results in great time savings for the HR function with the help of easily customizable HR systems. 

Other benefits include the design of individual training concepts based on identified weaknesses, tailored technological solutions from UKG as an element of the holistic change approach, and increased transparency in the employee journey.

The agile and fast implementation is associated with little training effort for your employees.

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