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Our KPMG specialists in audit, accounting, tax, legal advice (through KPMG Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft), valuation, financing, transaction advisory, process and cost optimisation and restructuring advise you on portfolio and process optimisation reporting.

Our services in this area include:

Drawing up asset management and property management contracts

Property owners today have the choice between numerous service offers. Clear contractual provisions help you to reliably and cost-effectively ensure the services necessary for the optimal management of your property.

Financial reporting for IPOs and real estate companies

The requirements under capital market law are just as demanding as the reporting obligations of a listed real estate company. With expertise and experience, we support our clients in managing the IPO.

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German real estate investment trust (G-REIT)

As an investor, are you looking for a tax-optimised, non-regulated form of investment for German real estate assets that does not require too much capital investment? Then the G-REIT could be a suitable investment instrument.

Real estate transfer tax

Company acquisitions and reorganisations trigger real estate transfer tax several times when the shareholdings change. By carefully planning the acquisition steps, together with KPMG, you can reduce or avoid this tax.