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The implementation of a Tax Compliance Management System (Tax CMS) is an important step in order to meet the increasing regulatory requirements. However, with the multitude of topics and data, it is sometimes difficult to maintain an overview even with a Tax CMS. This is where the software solution from our partner Impero A/S can help. Individually applicable and compatible with all common systems, it enables you to easily design, plan and implement your control measures. Depending on your needs, you can define your own requirements on the user-friendly interface, delegate tasks and monitor their implementation.

KPMG will be happy to support you both in the implementation of an efficient and sustainable Tax CMS and in the individual adaptation of the Impero software solution to complement your Tax CMS. Benefit from our extensive experience in digitalisation and transformation projects in our clients' tax departments. 

These are your advantages of Impero in combination with your Tax CMS:

  • Overview of tax risks and illustration of the effects of risk-reducing measures.
  • Automated procedures support the implementation and documentation of these measures
  • Monitoring of the control systems in the tax area with a clear reporting dashboard

Impero A/S

Impero is a Danish software company that offers a web-based compliance solution. Companies in a wide range of industries already rely on this solution, which takes an innovative, user-friendly approach to achieving compliance.

For more information, visit impero.com.

Demo video Impero (German only)

Get to know the software in the following video