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The everyday work of employees in the back office and middle office involves more and more complex administrative tasks. Several systems have to be operated manually; interfaces are missing; and isolated solutions, Excel forms and emails have established themselves as communication channels between the departments and functional areas. The solution can be Business Process Management (BPM) on a single platform. KPMG offers a corresponding BPM low-code process platform in an alliance with the software company Bizagi. It helps you to establish a digitalised, uniform, process-oriented and fast service delivery in the back office and middle office.

Bizagi BPM low-code process platform

The Bizagi BPM low-code process platform aims to improve digital experience in process execution and thus to optimise the application experience.

From the developer's perspective, the software development process is accelerated by the re-usability of already implemented software modules and the automation of the classic development steps such as the creation of databases, design of user forms, etc.

The platform can combine and supplement the previous systems in order to optimally support users. The specialist users themselves develop the technical support they need without having to master programming code. The Bizagi BPM low-code process platform contains various components and options for connecting interfaces and providing process and data applications. This gives the department a tailor-made solution - quickly and easily.

Your Benefits

  • Simple and far-reaching automation of any process
  • Quick and flexible adjustments thanks to simple user interfaces
  • Efficient digital transformation through rapid decentralised development and shorter development cycles
  • Relieving employees of simple (routine) activities
  • Consistently high process quality even in the event of staff shortages
  • User-friendly and can be implemented without IT
  • Development of a digital mindset in the departments

Our Services

KPMG is a strong partner for all questions in connection with the Bizagi BPM low-code process platform. We combine specialist knowledge with the latest IT know-how and our many years of experience in various sectors. By involving interdisciplinary teams, we provide targeted support for your individual requirements with a suitable solution strategy. This can include the following services:

  • Identification of potentials for the optimisation and automation of processes
  • Implementation and integration of the Bizagi BPM low-code process platform into your IT landscape
  • Implementing the digitalisation and automation of your business processes
  • Training & continuous coaching of the departments for the independent development and adaptation of process applications
  • Building a Low-Code & Process Centre of Excellence
  • Training and qualification of citizen developers
  • Support in the operation of the Bizagi low-code process platform and any already implemented process applications

Examples of customer projects

  • Digitalisation in purchasing: One customer was having difficulty with the daily creation of purchase requisitions as well as purchase orders in the purchasing department, which were very time-consuming and inefficient. With the help of the Bizagi platform, the customer has enabled the decentralised collection of data from the departments and digitised and automated the ordering process. This has standardised the steps of the ordering process, saving the customer time and resources and improving efficiency in the company. It has also made it possible to implement regulations as well as business rules and regulations from the purchasing guideline in the digital workflow.
  • Digitalisation of accounting: One customer was finding the recording of provisions, payment instructions, accruals and reimbursements of expenses tedious and prone to errors. In order to solve this problem, Bizagi was used as a decentralised portal in which employees in the specialist departments were able to carry out the tasks mentioned with convenient input screens. The extensive pre-filtering of account types, posting keys and tax codes has simplified data entry, enforced company rules consistently and avoided errors, helping the customer to optimise its data recording processes and save time and resources.
  • Digital handling of staff appraisals: One customer reported a low rate of participation in the annual staff appraisals. The organisation, coordination and implementation of staff appraisals was very time-consuming due to the numerous manual activities involved. In order to solve this problem, the underlying processes for the staff appraisals were conducted using the Bizagi platform. Coordination was improved and many activities were automated, from documentation to analysis and evaluation of the appraisals. This has enabled the customer to increase the participation rate, save time and resources and conduct the discussions more efficiently and in a more organised manner.
  • Employee on- and off-boarding: For one customer, the entry and exit of employees was taking up a lot of time due to multiple manual tasks and intense coordination. This resulted in time losses, mainly in HR, and susceptibility to error. In order to solve this problem, the customer used the Bizagi platform for the digitisation of its on- and off-boarding process, enabling a standardised handling of processes, centralised document management and automatic notification of participants. This helped the customer to optimise process efficiency and quality, as well as to save time and resources.
  • Digitisation of customer order processing in field sales: One client was struggling with the challenge of customer sales order processing in the field due to the tedious and time-consuming process of manual service acceptance and manual generation of sales receipts. Each acceptance of services had to be manually created, signed, checked and entered into the SAP systems. In order to address this problem, the customer implemented mobile order processing with the help of Bizagi. This solution automates the process of service certificate creation and processing by creating, signing, checking and directly entering the notes into the SAP systems until the sales receipt is automatically posted. As a result, the customer has not only been able to save time and resources, but also the efficiency in the [text cut off]

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