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How quickly can you respond to current challenges in your business entity?

How long do you wait for relevant information for decisions on strategic actions?

What percentage of the data available in your business entity do you use profitably?

Can you also keep track of your business situation from your smartphone?

Different drivers, external and internal, pose reporting challenges for business entities in the financial sector. These include, in particular, a strong cost and efficiency conflict, the technical pressure in the context of digitalisation as well as the implementation of new regulatory requirements.

Today's market environment demands high quality and timely reporting to support informed management decisions as well as to meet regulatory requirements. The contents of the reports must be prepared in a way that is both management- and supervisory-compliant and must also be reconciled with the strict requirements for data quality. Furthermore, the time has come when you should be able to save costs on internal and external reporting, especially through faster, efficient and automated processes.

KPMG offers you innovative, fully comprehensive solutions to keep pace with both professional and technical change! With extensive expertise in the various ranges of services, we offer support in the selection and implementation of a reporting software or a business intelligence tool by analysing the automation potential through robotics. We also provide support in sustainable change processes.

Our common goal is to reduce the time spent on reporting through clever automation, standardisation and flexibility and to significantly improve the quality of report-relevant analyses and the associated management decisions. Appropriate analytical procedures facilitate ongoing management monitoring and allow for a high-quality and short-term response to market changes and ad hoc supervisory requests. By reducing processing time and effort and increasing quality, costs are reduced, internal resources are used more efficiently and a constant consistency of results and reconcilability of data is made possible.

How future-proof and efficient is your reporting? Do you want to learn about solutions for your reporting and discover the current trends and tools on the market? Then get in touch with us!

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