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How can a potential acquisition add value to my business entity?

What are the right target markets for me?

Which target companies match my target image?

How does the target company increase the value of my portfolio?

How do I ensure I pay the right price for the transaction?

How do I plan for a successful Day 1?

What is my integration plan?

How do I maximise the enterprise value?

Developing, evaluating, and successfully implementing a purchase decision is complicated and fraught with challenges. We’ll help you focus at every stage of the purchasing process to get the highest value. Our integrated advising approaches address both integration and stand-alone scenarios.

As your advisor...

  • ... based on your current capital structure, we support the next development steps of an acquisition strategy aimed at increasing value.
  • ... we look for possible acquisition targets and contact the business entities of interest to you.
  • ... we analyse the target company and the value drivers of the business and determine a realistic value, taking into account synergies and future benefits.
  • ... we help you negotiate and advise you with a view to the balance between factored-in risks and targeted collateral in the development of a suitable negotiation strategy.
  • ... we address potential risks from the integration early on and show you a targeted implementation plan. In doing so, we always have your goal in mind to keep the business entity operational and to secure control domestically and abroad.
  • ... we show you potential target operating models for each department and guide you through their implementation.
  • ... we identify optimisation potentials and synergy effects and support the teams involved to determine concrete measures for implementation.

Find more answers and key points related to company purchases in our brochure (PDF, 0.8 MB), or contact one of our experts.


How do I maximise the enterprise value in the existing portfolio?

How can I further increase the enterprise value through an exit strategy?

How do I prepare the company for sale?

Am I prepared for the closing of the transaction?

How can I increase my portfolio value with the remaining parts of the company?

Through our integrated advisory approach, we involve the right experts in the different phases of the transaction and thus prevent the erosion of the value of your transaction object already during the process. We also minimise the risks arising from the transaction for your remaining business.

As your advisor...

  • ... we analyse and assess the current and potential value of your portfolio and assess opportunities, risks and the feasibility of strategic options.
  • ... we identify and contact the right prospects with you.
  • ... we help you get the relevant information at the right time to minimise potential obstacles until closing and during the separation phase.
  • ... we plan the transaction process thoroughly in advance and guide you through the process by anticipating prospects’ questions before they even ask them.
  • ... we identify regulatory requirements, separate the business entity according to your expectations, and check to what extent the buyer needs to be supported.
  • ... we help you minimise the risk from the separation of the business on your part, guide you through the creation and implementation of the transition contracts with the acquirer with the aim of reducing your residual costs for the remaining business.

Find more answers and key points related to selling a company in our brochure (PDF, 0.5 MB), or contact one of our experts.