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Derive the cost of capital faster

Our solution simplifies the calculation of cost of capital parameters and Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC). It offers a comprehensive overview to streamline data processing, reducing research time while identifying individual market-specific trends. KPMG Valuation Data Source provides users with adjustable filters such as industry type, region or profitability criteria including margin rate or growth potential that enable them to customize their WACC calculations quickly and efficiently.

KPMG's powerful tool provides unprecedented flexibility in customizing parameter and calculation settings. The user can easily assess the cost of capital derivation through efficient industry betas, then easily download results as Excel or PDF files with complete professional documentation - all within moments! Furthermore, saved queries can be accessed for instant repeat use by simply selecting a cut-off date when needed.

Our tool offers comprehensive insight into international market trends, by providing users with instant access to current data from around the world. Explore more than 16,500 companies, stay up to date on financial metrics across an array of industries with our interactive dashboard and take advantage of this convenient platform – anytime, anywhere.

All benefits at a glance

  • Reliable single data source containing relevant parameters – monthly updated
  • WACC and Cost of Equity calculation for different cash flow currencies
  • Access to capital market parameters from more than 150 countries
  • Compilation and storage of your own peer group from over 16,500 companies worldwide
  • Inclusion of historical reference dates using available data from 2012 to present
  • Parameters available for download as Excel sheet and PDF file

Available parameters:

  • WACC/cost of equity
  • Risk-free interest
  • Beta factors:
    -  Five-year-betafactor
    -  Two-year-betafactor
    -  One-year-betafactor
  • Credit spread
  • Market risk premium
  • Country risk premium
  • Inflation differential
  • Average tax rate
  • Selected exchange rates

Insights into the dashboard

User-friendly, interactive and available at anytime

Valuation Data Source screenshots

Product versions at a glance


You will get independent access to the online tool. This allows you to enter the data yourself and view the results in just a few steps.

Managed service

In addition to access to the tool, we provide you with a personal advisor as your direct contact, who will conduct the cost of capital derivation for you according to your specifications. You also receive an executive summary.

Tailored service

Besides access to the tool and a personal contact, we provide you with individual parameter derivations, background research and statistical assessment of the data.

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