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White-collar crime presents companies with two major challenges. First, there is the obligation to adhere to compliance requirements in a political environment in which regulations in general are getting stricter and stricter. OFAC guidance, the 5th EU Money Laundering Directive as well as the draft German Corporate Liability Act (Verbandssanktionengesetz) confirm this development. Second, global business and corporate processes are creating an increased risk of white-collar crime.

KPMG Forensic offers a multi-dimensional approach to help you meet these challenges. We have a wealth of experience and a solid practical approach to preventing fraud and misconduct, detecting white-collar crime, responding to identified issues and minimising the resulting damage.

KPMG Forensic has interdisciplinary specialists available for you across Germany to address all issues surrounding white-collar crime: at its locations in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart.

To ensure that you also receive the best possible support internationally in implementing legal requirements and combating white-collar crime, we can draw on our global network of forensic experts in KPMG's country offices worldwide.

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