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KPMG has been helping companies overcome the multi-layered challenges of electronic discovery projects for many years. With years of experience in conducting eDiscoveries, disputes and regulatory proceedings, we can advise you on many decision-making processes and provide end-to-end support throughout the entire process.

And we place the highest value on the quality and security of your data. 

Our services:

  • eDiscovery Collections (data backup)
  • eDiscovery Processing
  • eDiscovery Hosting
  • eDiscovery Advanced Technology (Early Case Assessment and Predictive Coding)
  • eDiscovery Review & Managed Review Services
  • Forensic Data Centre (FDC)

eDiscovery Collections (data backup)

We secure your data so that it can withstand scrutiny in court, and if required we can do this worldwide. Our proximity to locations spread over the globe enables us to quickly secure evidence data. Our IT forensic experts always maintain data integrity and document the entire chain of custody. A wide variety of source media such as laptops, servers, mobile phones, etc. can thus be easily recorded and fed into the eDiscovery process.

eDiscovery Processing

The pre-processing of the backed-up data includes, in particular, any necessary removal of irrelevant technical files, such as operating system files, etc. In addition, the data is initially deduplicated and harmonised. This also includes converting documents and e-mail attachments into searchable text formats (OCR).

eDiscovery Hosting

We are happy to provide you with the entire technical platform for your document review. We upload your data or that of your clients into our security-certified Forensic Data Centre (FDC) and make it available to selected parties.

eDiscovery Advanced Technology (Early Case Assessment and Predictive Coding)

  • Early Case Assessment

For early assessment and case evaluation, we run an Early Case Assessment on request. This provides support in the initial phase of an investigation and paves the way for the appropriate detailed assessment. Suitable evaluations are used to identify gaps in communication and missing documents. Aggregation algorithms reveal dominant themes and relationships between people. Initial visualisations can also help users to ask the correct questions right at the beginning of the investigation.

  • Predictive Coding

Using machine learning in the e-discovery environment can help to increase effectiveness and efficiency. This involves training "predictive" coding-review software to identify and suggest potentially relevant communications. Continuous review by human analysts combines the benefits of both worlds and enables better prioritisation and shorter review times.

eDiscovery Review & Managed Review Services

KPMG offers you the option to either conduct the review yourself or have it conducted by your lawyers, or alternatively to use our managed review services.

  • User-friendly software and hardware

We integrate a range of leading review and analysis software on one central platform. We support individual evaluation needs with our own data analyses. In all cases, our goal is to provide you with insights from electronic documents and data as early as possible. In this way, you can quickly make decisions focusing on content and an economical investigative approach. You benefit not only from increasingly efficient technological effects provided by software analysis and visualisation, but also from our accounting expertise.

  • Managed Review Services

We offer Managed Review on a 1st and 2nd level basis. As part of the cost-sensitive 1st level review, you can request that we carry out an initial classification of the data to determine relevant content. This review helps to significantly reduce large amounts of data and thus to pre-filter the relevant facts. The 2nd level review supports you in generating the tangible condensed result based on the facts at hand. Our experts in forensic special investigations and lawyers evaluate each individual document.

  • Staff

Our project management expertise is particularly advantageous for large-scale projects. Our experienced e-discovery project managers focus on a highly efficient approach to (parallel) investigations, quality aspects and a balanced cost-benefit ratio. If required, we can assist in developing reconnaissance strategies and interfaces between external and internal stakeholders. 

Forensic Data Centre

Our state-of-the-art Forensic Data Centre is security-certified according to ISO27001 and is explicitly tailored to forensic analysis. We use highly sophisticated technology and software to enable the most efficient analysis possible.

If desired, you can have remote and 24-hour access to your data stored at the Data Centre for selected applications, using professional analysis and interactive visualisation via dashboards to help make the analysis results more usable.

We are there for you around the clock: 

KPMG Forensic Emergency Hotline: 0800 SOS KPMG (0800 767 5764).