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The EU Directive 2018/882/EU (better known as the Directive for Administrative Cooperation, DAC6 for short) places advisors and banks as so-called intermediaries, but also companies themselves, under an obligation to report tax arrangements. We support you in fulfilling your reporting obligations with our modular advisory approach. 

KPMG DAC6 Processor

We use the specially developed KPMG DAC6 Processor to optimise the process. The software-as-a-service solution supports you with effective workflow management in consolidating your data and identifying notifiable tax arrangements. At the core of the KPMG DAC6 Processor are structured questionnaires based on national legislation, which can be customised. They enable the collection of transaction-relevant information and thus create the basis for the assessment of reportable transactions. The KPMG DAC6 Processor automatically applies the stored, country-specific set of rules to the corresponding questionnaires. As a result of the analysis, you receive an indication as to whether a reporting obligation exists or not. This is a good basis for deciding how to proceed and for transmitting the relevant data. 

In addition, extras such as the control function of the reporting deadline or the automatic e-mail notification to the responsible person support a smooth workflow from the creation of the transaction to the reporting. 

Strengthen your tax compliance management system early on with regard to the DAC6 requirements. We support you with the KPMG DAC6 Processor and our expertise. Contact us or simply request the 60-day free trial version directly on KPMG Direct Services.

Our consulting approach at a glance:

  1. Affected party analysis: identification of reportable transactions and the affected parts of the company (if desired, with the help of the KPMG DAC6 Processor).
  2. Organisation of report management: individually defined process for recording, assessing and reporting reportable events (using the KPMG DAC6 Processor)
  3. Communication: implementation of DAC6-specific internal instructions, development of customised training materials and trainings

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