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Financial institutions should be continually improving their compliance activities. In addition to meeting increasingly complex regulatory requirements and demands, you also need flexibility and better alignment between compliance and the institution’s own business strategy. The sooner necessary changes and developments in compliance are identified and applied, the better the company can position itself. Financial institutions that are already investing in the integration and automation of compliance activities are future ready.

KPMG offers you personalised advice, with sustainable and innovative compliance solutions that relate to your business situation. Keeping an eye on current market trends and legal requirements, the consulting we offer you covers the following topics:

Compliance management framework

Compliance management systems are designed to effectively and efficiently monitor and manage the risks of non-compliance with current official requirements. We bring together all the key elements into an effective compliance framework. These include, among other things, a compliance culture, compliance objectives, compliance risks, compliance communications, and compliance monitoring and improvement. This makes your compliance management system an effective part of your institution’s corporate governance.

Compliance excellence

To remain competitive, compliance activities need to be designed to become more effective, efficient, flexible and cost-effective. We will assist you with the operational integration of the compliance program across the different areas and lines of defence of your business, while establishing clear roles and responsibilities and continuously improving the compliance program.

Combating financial crime

Changing laws on money laundering and terrorist financing, expanding compliance and know-your-customer requirements, and a focus on integrity all contribute to ongoing uncertainty. We can help you with the current challenges of successfully fighting financial crime. We take an integrated approach. We develop a uniform and, above all, comprehensive view of the risks across areas, regions and processes in order to monitor and effectively reduce them.

Compliance in tax

Globally, the volume of tax evasion crime is growing. Legislators are also looking more closely at those assisting tax evasion. We support you in implementing the compliance requirements from various tax-related regulations such as FATCA, CRS and also UK CCO. In addition to professional advice, we support you with individual implementation plans to set up relevant processes, IT and governance in your company.

RegTech / IT compliance

The requirements for screening customers and transactions, as well as for reporting, keep increasing steadily. Digital support is essential if you are to meet the regular, day-to-day compliance requirements and also ensure costs are reduced, while keeping up with new competitors like fintechs. Financial institutions are required to be aware of their current processes and procedures at an early stage in order to increase their efficiency. KPMG combines the professional use cases of banks and insurance companies with the solutions offered by innovative RegTechs. And we are a powerful implementation partner, offering our own digital compliance tools and solutions.

We support you along the entire value chain and offer you both sustainable and innovative solutions and consulting approaches aimed at efficiency and excellence in the compliance function.

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