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The change in energy supply

Energy suppliers are at the crossroads of several mutually reinforcing megatrends. Climate change is leading to the shutdown of fossil-fuelled power plants, which, together with the rapid growth of renewable energy sources and the decarbonisation of the entire value chain, is resulting in a fundamental change in the business model. By supplying energy and billing at the base rate alone, no business entity can continue to exist. Rather, it is about reorganising the service portfolio, creating new partnership structures across the previously valid boundaries of industries and fulfilling the respective value proposition to customers - all against the backdrop of technology penetrating the entire value chain. We now know all too well that technology can also have negative consequences, such as threats from cyberattacks. The entire business model is therefore extremely complex and challenging.

Our answer to growing complexity: KPMG’s Energy and Raw Materials sector

With our " Energy and Raw Materials " sector team, we deliver defined transformation programmes with over 19,000 sector experts worldwide, including over 300 in Germany alone - from customer and market strategies to internal performance optimisation. For example, we advise all the top business entities in the ENR industry and have successfully implemented over 6,000 projects in the field of energy utilities in Germany in the last three years - for large business entities and municipal utilities, as well as for small, highly specialised business entities.

Finance transformation

For the successful development of the energy supply company, it is essential to identify and respond to signals of disruptive changes in the market.

But how do you recognise these, especially given the challenge of increasingly volatile environments and complex business models? The solution is to use innovative technology to analyse and interpret new data and information in ever shorter time. The starting point and fundamental building block for this is the finance function - provided it is appropriately positioned for the future.

The goal: a future-oriented, value-creating and resilient finance function

Does your finance department make only a minor contribution to the successful strategic and operational development of your energy supply company? Then you should tackle the finance transformation so that it can meet the constantly growing demands of an operational and strategic nature. This makes the finance function a value-creating business partner that anticipates change critically and with foresight and provides the right information to the relevant decision-makers at the right time. This means that your finance organisation reliably contributes to the successful strategic and operational management of the energy supply company and achieves a whole new level of process efficiency.

Our method for your successful financial transformation

To achieve this goal, adjustments in the finance function and the historically grown structures and processes are necessary. We can help you with this challenge: With our Finance Transformation Programme, you can leverage the potential of your finance function for a digital future. Its basic framework consists of fully harmonised and standardised financial processes, value flows and master data. With our KPMG Powered Enterprise solution, the end-to-end processes are considered holistically and also include neighbouring areas such as HR, customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM). A management model geared towards this focuses on the strategic orientation of the finance function as a reliable, value-creating partner in the energy supply company and consists of three components: the finance strategy, the management model and the finance target operating model. Integrated technologies and systems are the foundation of our end-to-end consulting approach: They ensure that the requirements of the control level and processes are met.

ERP transformation

The redesign and digitalisation of the value chain at energy suppliers and municipal utilities also requires new ERP systems. KPMG provides support in the optimisation, harmonisation, consolidation and complete relaunch (incl. design, implementation, rollout) of ERP solutions in the course of business transformation, IT optimisation or IT cost reduction. Our focus is not only on the technical design, but also on the actual transformation, i.e. the transition to the target state. We offer solutions for:

  • ERP system rollout as part of complete business transformations (e.g., global rollout of a new SAP platform after business model adjustments)
  • Consolidation and harmonisation of differentiated, historically grown ERP system structures (e.g. OneERP projects, both for large companies and public utilities)
  • Implementation of complex migrations and conversions in the context of (master) data harmonisations (e.g. global supplier harmonisation, adjustments in the course of merging business entities or the split-up of groups)
  • Modernisation of complete ERP system landscapes according to technical progress (especially the transition to SAP S/4HANA)
  • Provision and implementation of flexible ERP solutions in connection with corporate transactions and reorganisation(e.g. SAP Business ByDesign)

Energy data and analytics

Our multidisciplinary teams of experts support energy suppliers with all strategic, technical and organisational questions in the area of digitalisation and big data. Based on many years of experience and a high level of professional and technological competence, we develop analyses that create added value from data. The basis for this is a sound understanding of the different types and sources of data in the business entity. KPMG’s digitisation and big data solution EPA was designed specifically to meet the challenges of the industry. We are continuously developing our solutions and keeping an eye on the utility market environment, regulatory changes and future developments such as machine learning and robotics, as well as innovative disciplines such as data science. We offer business entities in the energy sector a customised range of services in all areas of digitalisation as well as big data and data science:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Organisational support
  • Technological consultation, including sizing
  • Professional and technical implementation
  • Training and support for change processes
  • Data analytics as a service
  • Integration of our toolset into existing or newly established data science structures (from organisation to implementation)

IT transformation

Improvements in the core business of an energy supplier can only be achieved with appropriate IT support. KPMG supports energy suppliers in IT transformation, from strategy and design to implementation. We have expertise in the many essential topics involved as well as the experience of successfully managing such complex programs. Our experienced transformation managers

  • set up your Transformation Management Office using our proven methods and tools.
  • derive from your goals KPIs that describe your complex change initiatives end-to-end from top to bottom – and pursue those goals rigorously and with the careful attention of an audit.
  • pragmatically control critical organisational, procedural and technological changes and control dependencies. KPMG is thus able to manage complexity.
  • have broad knowledge to prevent working in silos and to gain acceptance in both the subject-matter areas and IT. They use the knowledge and resources of the globally operating KPMG.
  • work with your organisation and other service providers to ensure the success of your project.

Are you interested in learning more about our work? Would you like to arrange a meeting with us? Then please feel free to contact us in the following ways. We look forward to hearing from you!

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