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The pressures on global supply chains are multiplying rapidly. The reasons for this are geopolitical events plus stricter legal requirements and provisions that enforce a duty of care to respect nature and human rights. Increasing pressure from investors and stakeholders has led to the topic of sustainability becoming ever more firmly established as a decisive factor in a company’s survival. The success of senior managers and board members is now often measured in terms of their contribution towards achieving sustainability goals. 

Build a future-proof supply chain

The creation of a transparent and sustainable supply chain network is becoming a decisive factor in determining future competitiveness. Comprehensive risk management by all the partners involved helps to identify internal and external risks and raise the alarm about suspect activities. This in turn can ensure the resilience and competitiveness of the company on the one hand, and also ensure compliance with duties of care on the other. 

The supply chain as a driver of success

Our white paper therefore takes a long look at the supply chain of the future. Our experts explain the benefits of a transparent and sustainable supply chain and describe what measures need to be taken to turn this into a substantial factor that improves your competitiveness. In addition, they also look at the importance of new legal provisions (including the Duty of Care Act) and set out detailed recommendations for actions to create resilient and transparent supply chains and implement sustainability.