International Business Travel

Addressing regulatory demands in a targeted manner: KPMG supports you in matters relating to Business Traveler Compliance

KPMG supports you in matters relating to Business Traveler Compliance

The challenge

International projects and staff mobility associated with business travel are placing growing regulatory demands on companies. Irrespective of the extent of your international activities, complex national and international regulations must be observed even when planning business travel. This poses many challenges for companies and their employees from a compliance perspective.

Should you knowingly or unknowingly disregard compliance requirements, this can lead to serious consequences for employees and companies, such as executive body liability, market access restrictions, reputational damage, tax/penalty payments and (private) travel bans.

Our services

KPMG offers you an integrated approach to address these issues. This includes both professional advice (corporate and individual taxes, social insurance, immigration, employment law) and structural advice (processes, governance, guidelines). With the KPMG LINK Business Traveler Tool, KPMG also offers its own technology solution. The Pay-Per-Use Method also allows for case-based and flexible use, should this be desired. This allows you to analyze and evaluate the cases that are relevant to you without costly software implementation. Contact us or book the analysis directly via KPMG Direct Services.

We develop individual solutions that are tailored to your needs and in line with your business model and risk profile. We are happy to discuss your current risk position, identify the potential need for action and make suggestions for the first steps towards a scalable, flexible solution adapted to your travel population in an initial workshop. Contact us or book the workshop directly via KPMG Direct Services.