How is mixed reality shaping the future of the fashion and apparel industry? Through emotionalised and new shopping experiences for customers as well as comprehensive customer and sales data for the business entities and retailers.

Mixed reality can visualise the value chain

Innovative solutions from the field of mixed reality allow for a redesign of the sales and storage areas as well as the entire factory supply chain. By using MR glasses, customers can, for example, virtually try on products in brick-and-mortar retail locations – even products that are not yet available or have not even been produced.

Customers are buying more and more consciously, and clothing in particular is being scrutinised more and more. Mixed reality allows the virtual visualisation of the value chain of a product as well as relevant information, in addition to the actual product. In this way, MR can fulfil the customer’s desire for more transparency and establish trust in manufacturers and dealers. But MR solutions not only enable customers to have new and inspiring shopping experiences. They also deliver a valuable asset to business entities: data.