When people think of private banking and wealth management, they don’t usually think of innovation, digitalisation or mixed reality. But in commercial banking, online banking has replaced the analogue transfer in the bank branch, and FinTech business entities are flooding into the markets. The digital transformation is thus also an issue for asset management.

Digital visualisation of the portfolio

In wealth management in particular, clients are looking for individual advice tailored to their needs. This is perfectly legitimate, especially with large assets and investment sums. However, time-consuming and costly administrative activities as well as travel times to and from the client limit the time available for advising.

Consultations over the phone are usually only for minor arrangements and are unsuitable for more intensive and complex discussions and advising appointments. Moreover, visual elements cannot be used in a discussion over the telephone.

Mixed reality is taking on this challenge. Mixed reality tools create an innovative, experiential advisory solution. Investments, stocks and portfolios can be discussed in the virtual space. Clients also have the option to view their assets on their own at any time.