A new property starts with an idea and a design. Finished plans and models are more specific and thought out to the centimetre in the end. But how do you imagine the finished object based on such plans? Today’s answer is computer-generated visualisations in 2-D or 3-D and miniature models.

View planned properties using mixed reality glasses

Mixed reality creates new possibilities for showing planned real estate and properties through three-dimensional, dynamic visualisation. Properties can also be viewed at their actual size, if desired. As early as in the planning process, different parties can examine the planned property through digital visualisations and address adjustments before construction begins. Likewise, furnishings can be appropriately planned or adjusted in advance on the basis of the three-dimensional visualisation.

Sales in the real estate can also support mixed reality. Potential buyers or investors can view real estate regardless of location. The virtual experience of the property can make the sales process more emotional, and uncertainties about unfinished buildings can be easily eliminated.