Mixed Reality in Action

Mixed reality (MR) not only adds a virtual dimension to the real world, but also expands many business entities’ view of the future. The innovative technology makes it possible to link objects in the real environment with virtual information, such as three-dimensional graphics, images or texts, in order to interact with them. In doing so, the mutual exchange can be supported by artificial intelligence.

The applications of VR, AR and MR are becoming increasingly broad. New solutions are developed every day with the aim of streamlining processes or creating inspiring customer experiences. Augmented has become the norm in various social networks.

Industrial solutions are even more exciting and innovative. In addition to smartphones and tablets, sophisticated mixed reality glasses are also used here. They allow the wearer to keep their hands free during use.

Our Services

We support and advise you through the entire process, holistically and individually. Can you use mixed reality? Where are the greatest potentials? What form of mixed reality does it create? What might a solution look like? And how can this be implemented in the business entity? Our service offerings include:

  • Analysis of the added value and potential of mixed reality for your business entity
  • Process optimisation and process digitisation through the use of (customised) mixed reality solutions
  • Evaluation of the optimal processes
  • Advice on choosing the right technology and strategy
  • Process initiation and process optimisation for the implementation of an MR solution
  • Market screening of already published solutions
  • Make-or-buy decision support
  • Advice on the design of UX/UI
  • Implementation of MR solutions on multiple devices
  • Provision of workshops and employee training

Feel free to contact us with any questions or issues you may have. Our team of mixed reality experts looks forward to working with you.